Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Hello everyone! My name is Yueming Wang and I am a junior at Hercules High School. And I have been blessed to be one of the six 2010 Summer Columbians!

Before I talk more about myself, I want to thank Mr. Ramsey, Ms. Kronenberg, Don, and all of the Ivy League Connection donors for offering me this great opportunity! I would also like to thank Ms. Ishmael, Ms. Kent, Mr. Litvin, Mr. Nguyen, Ms. Wojinski, my family and friends, and just everyone who has helped and supported me through the application process. I will be a student ambassador at Columbia University because of all of you. Thank you!

I cannot stress how great of a program this is. As a 2009 Summer Cornellian, I experienced first hand the thrills and challenges of living independently for three weeks. Even though there were some challenges along the way, last summer, in retrospect, was one of the best summers I've lived. I simply loved everything, as you can probably tell now that I am back to live another amazing summer. I'm really looking forward to learning a lot about American politics -- the things that are NOT covered in US History -- from the Presidential Powers course. And of course, we will visit many great colleges and live in NYC for 3 weeks! I mean, how much greater can it get?

I shall spare you of my ramblings and save them for another time. But before I conclude my first blog post, I would like to tell my fellow cohorts a little more about who I am since we come four different schools. I am 17 years old and I have lived in Hercules ever since third grade. This year, I am playing tennis and badminton for the school team. I am also a member in the Interact Club, Mock Trial Club (as well as a member of the Defense Team), and Kiwin's Club. At school, I am also involved in the school's journalism program. I LOVE music and I've played the violin since fourth grade, but I am barely proficient (haha). I am also a beginner at learning to play the guitar and piano.

I hope that we will all get to know each other before we leave for New York this summer. And let's make this trip fun-tastic!

Looking forward to seeing you all at the Columbia dinner! Take Care!


  1. Yueming,

    As I'e come to expect from you, a great beginning to this year's blogging. You were instrumental in developing this site and you post a great blog to help seed the field.

    You praised the right people, let us know something about you, told us of your expectations and--here's the important part--you spelled my name right. All is well with the world.

  2. Great post Yueming! I'm excited to work and learn with you!

  3. Yueming:
    I'm thrilled that you're going to represent our school and our district at Columbia. I know you will make the most of this wonderful opportunity and I look forward to hearing about your experience.