Friday, May 14, 2010

The School Board Meeting

The WCCUSD Board Meeting on Thursday was our first juncture that included all of the 2009-2010 Ivy League Connection students. It was great to see just how many bright students are involved in this program. 

What’s more, we got to see some of our generous patrons who, despite the economic setbacks, continue to believe in the program. A big thank you to them all! 

And on top of that, we got to stand before the entire School Board and many parents and students in the district as our chaperone Ms. Ishmael proudly introduced us by name to everyone. It was a great honor! 

And there was no better way to end the night than to take a group photo -- thanks, Don!

If I had to pick the biggest highlight of the evening, I would certainly pick the speeches by the three ILC alumni. They are excellent representatives of what the ILC can do for a student who is self-driven and ambitious. Their acceptance at prestigious universities shows not only that the ILC program deserves its honorable name, but it also proves that students like us who come from small communities can “make it big.” All we need to do is believe in ourselves and keep pushing until we reach our goals.

And props to Beulah for a great speech! And everyone else as well! Summer is around the corner, I can already smell it!

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  1. Yueming,

    I agree whole heartedly: it was a special night.

    And like you, I thought the speeches by both the young and the old were good and inspiring.

    As much as I liked the speeches and seeing you all standing tall, I was quite fond of the group photos and the end product. I know it's bad to pat yourself on the back but sometimes it's warranted.