Monday, June 28, 2010

The Beginning of A Long Road Ahead

Today we had our first class! 

I was surprised when I walked into class because there are only 12 students total! It’s supposed to be like a seminar where we discuss our reading for the first two hours of class then for the next two, we go to the library to work on research papers. 

We had to choose our research topics and I decided on Reagan’s use of the press to sway the American voters. The paper has to be 20 pages double-spaced so I’m really nervous. 

We also got assigned like five books along with United States documents (i.e. Articles of the Confederation) to read and analyze. 

So much to do!


  1. Michelle,

    Even I'm shocked that this is such a small class.

    This makes it even more meaningful that we were able to get you all in the class--especially after that small enrollment problem we had several months back.

    I can't imagine any of you being at Columbia in any other course.

  2. Michelle,

    Please tell me that you all read the books and papers we provided to you long before your departure. You had the Gergen book on May 12th and the online books and papers at least a month before that.

    Please tell me that we didn't waste our time and resources?