Friday, June 25, 2010

Vassar, and Tours, and Oceana OH MY!!

Today was awesome:

My knee wasn't feeling so hot (I've got a few injuries), but we had a blast. We missed our train to Bard but that turned out to be awesome, both for my knee and for the experience because that meant we got to go to the Empire State Building which was mind boggling. When people from NY say that New York City feels like the whole world they're right. I think I've fallen in love and I'm pretty sure you guys can guess with whom.

Vassar was really unexpected. I didn't think they would have such a strong study abroad and poly sci program, nor did I know they had such impressive alumni--think Meryll Streep and Jane Fonda. They had a beautiful campus and, according to their stats, they've got a nice ethnic breakdown but I think I would need to visit during the school year to get a real feel for it.

Dinner at Oceana was really interesting. It's a really nice restaurant and everything I ate was really good but I was totally caught off guard when I ordered soft shell crab and there were actually 5 little crabs brought out to me. Now I have slight arachnaphobia and crabs have spider legs and all the legs were standing up, and let's just say I was overwhelmed. I didn't think I'd be able to eat it but with plenty of encouragement from my new Columbia ILC friends I tried a little bit and shared a lot :-). However, the side dishes were superb and I had some coconut-lime sorbet that I would go back for.

So that was my day, but before I sign off I want to thank the FABULOUS sponsors for providing me with an opportunity there is no way I would have gotten here otherwise. I am so honored to be here and will earn this privlege when class starts. I won't forget you guys when I'm the President :-).

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  1. Michelle,

    I'm sorry. I was brought up not to laugh to those less fortunate than myself but when I read about those crabs sitting on your plate with their legs pointing up at you I just couldn't help but break out in a prolonged healthy laugh.

    Even with the encouragement from your new 'friends' I'm surprised you gave it a go. My own policy is that if it doesn't look good, then don't put it in your mouth. That's why eggplant and cauliflower have never seen the inside of my house (or my mouth).