Thursday, June 24, 2010

First Day in New York!

When I arrived at the front gates of El Cerrito High School, I already felt as though my horizons had broadened. It was a strange feeling. Many, many days at school cultivated a yearning to leave the place. I developed a growing urge to pack up my bag and head off some place. So there I was, standing in front of my school, which garnered this feeling, and it was about to be fulfilled!

On the plane ride, I chatted to my neighboring passengers who were extremely friendly and pleasant. One neighbor, Alex, is a young hedge fund manager with a PhD in physics from a University in Krakow. Another neighbor, Lillian, an elderly Scottish woman, was traveling to New York to visit her daughter, who coincidently, is a Columbia Alumni!
Our time in New York has been nothing short of incredible. Everything from the scrumptious dinner at Keens Steakhouse to gazing in awe at Times Square has come together as an unforgettable experience. More than ever before, I’m thankful to everyone at the ILC who has made this possible!

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  1. Jamie,

    The real shame about going out in a group and wanting to get a group photo is that most of the time you just can't trust a stranger with your camera so you can be in the photo, too.

    My problem--especially when I'm dealing with family members that I should trust--is that no matter how I set things up and what kinds of instructions I give them, when I rush to get in the shot I see them moving around and twisting the dials on the camera. And then they get upset when I have this pained look on my face when we look at the photos. What's a photographer to do?