Saturday, June 26, 2010

Getting to Know New York

Have you ever watched the movie/play "The King and I"? Then you'll know the song:

Getting to know you
Getting to know all about you

Getting to like you

Getting to hope you like me

and so on. It's a great song, but it just so happens that it's an even better feeling. Today I got to know New York on a couple of awesome tours. Thankfully they were on buses so it was a wonderful respite from the heavy duty walking we've been doing and my knee doesn't feel great yet, but it definitely feels better. I learned so much today about the city I someday wish to make my home, including how safe it is! NYC is nowhere near as bad as they make it seem on some movies; it actually has the highest safety rating for a large city in the world. I learned it's history which was sometimes sordid, but I also saw it's potential and it's future.


  1. I love that song and appreciate your connection to New York.
    Ms. Kaplan

  2. Beulah,

    You are such the optimist! Good for you. We need more people with attitudes like yours instead of the defeatist attitudes of people like me.