Sunday, June 27, 2010

I Think I'm at Home

I'm from a really big, really close-knit family so naturally I've been feeling a little homesick even though it's only been a few days. However, I have felt really at home here for the first time since I left. I knew that Columbia was my dream school on paper and I had this really strong feeling that it was the one, but when I got here I knew it was more than just a feeling. I have felt at home here from the minute I've stepped on campus and I am soooooooo juiced right now. My suitemates are awesome and I'm roommates with Michelle (thank goodness) so I know this is going to be the best summer ever -- even better than the one when I was seven :-). I can't believe I'm really here and I definitely can't wait to experience more. Moving in was absolutely awesome.

On an equally fantastic note, the NorCal admissions officer for Yale is AWESOME. He is so personable and nice that it made me want to apply. He makes it sound like the place to be and gave me some valuable insights on the admissions process. The brunch was also very tasty so it was only a plus :-)

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  1. Beulah,

    How could you not feel at home at Columbia with more than a thousand new family members to keep you company?