Monday, June 28, 2010

First Day of Classes

Today was our first day of classes. 

Unfortunately, I was incredibly tired for them. 

The a/c in my room was leaking water, so my roommate and I were forced to turn it off, making sleeping very difficult. Maintenance people are supposed to come fix it up either today or tomorrow, so I'm looking forward to that. 

The first day of class was fun! We met our instructor, Professor Luis Avila, who gave us a tour of the Havenmeyer and Chandier buildings. He took us into his office, where he showed us pictures of his daughters, as well as his bongo drums. The building's history was showcased in a row of shelves displaying photos and equipment from the time the building was built. Our professor himself was the one who assembled these trophy cases! 

After class, I went with an RA to see Toy Story 3 in IMAX 3D. Not only was the movie great, but the Toy Story series is something from my childhood, so seeing so many of these characters after so many years brought back a lot of fond feelings. 

While I had to go over a lab we'd be preforming tomorrow, I'm relieved that the workload is less than what the Presidential Powers students are going through! 

My roommate is asleep right now, but I'll see if I can upload some pictures I took sometime tomorrow. 

I'm really glad that I came with a group of people, because while I'm meeting new people every day, many of the people on my floor have already established cliques, which limits potential group activity. 

Anyways, I'm off to bed. Good night!

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  1. Jamie,

    A summer night in NYC with no AC? Sounds like domestic terrorism to me. At the very least it's a form of torture. Maybe we can get some of our money back.

    I worry, Jamie, when I read your thoughts about TS3 and how it brings back 'fond feelings'. You understand that it's just a movie and even the characters were created on a computer? I mean, it's not like Bambi or anything--which we all know was based on a true story.