Thursday, June 24, 2010

Our Journey

Hello everyone! WE'RE FINALLY HERE!
Despite an early start and a tiring day, today has gone better than expected. 
At OIA, we were held up due to a system glitch. Then when we were ready to take off, we were delayed again, this time due to air traffic in New York. Once we were airborn, everything went very smoothly.
Because we had the two delays, we had to move everything else back to accommodate the change. After a good half hour of riding the subway and wandering around searching for Keens Steakhouse, we arrived at the 135-year-old historical restaurant. Needless to say, the food there was delicious! The setting was also very interesting, with lots of framed flyers and photos in a less-clustered version of what you would find at an Applebee's. But the most unique part was the cigars that decorated the ceiling. Compliments to Mr. Ramsey for the selection!
We ended up not leaving Keens until past midnight. Afterwards, Ms. Kronenberg, Ms. Ishmael, and the students walked through a portion of Times Square on our way back to our hotel, stopping here and there to take quick snapshots of the city nightlife.
Here are some photos from our first day! Enjoy!


  1. Does Times Sqaure live up to your expectation? We saw it so many times on TV on New Year Eve.

  2. Yueming,

    As expected, you're making us all envious. Good food, good company and Times Square at midnight.

    Nice prose and nice photos.