Sunday, June 27, 2010

Welcome to Columbia!

Today was our last morning at the hotel. We took cabs out to Beacon Restaurant where we had brunch with Alexander Richardson, the NorCal admissions officer at Yale. He shared with us his job as an admissions officer, what he looks for in an application and a student, along with some insider secrets on the admissions process. He was really personable and open to answer all of our questions. Overall, the brunch was really informative and encouraged me to consider Yale. I also talked to him about visiting Middle College High School for the first time.

After our wonderful brunch we came to Columbia University to move into our dorms! The campus is absolutely beautiful and welcoming. We met our suitemates (who are pretty chill) and had dinner together. Tomorrow we have orientation and our first day of class. I’m really excited to embark on this new adventure!

1 comment:

  1. Michelle,

    Good company, good food and a pleasant conversation. You had it made.

    Sounds like your first impressions of Columbia were pretty good, too.