Saturday, June 26, 2010

Taking a Bite of the Big Apple

Tourism. Nothing separates tourists apart from fellow New Yorkers more than the double-decker tour buses. But that is okay because it was quite an eye-opening ride!

Although we didn't go on the Brooklyn bus tour as we had planned, the tours through Harlem and Downtown New York were fun. My eyes are exhausted from staring at all the buildings and interesting structures on the streets, not from lack of sleep. We actually had a later start this morning, which was good and I squeezed in 6 hours of peaceful sleep.

In a little bit, we'll be heading out to eat at Bar Americain, which will be our last formal dinner before moving to the Columbia dorms tomorrow. I'm looking forward to the brunch at Beacon tomorrow morning with our group of 8 and Norcal Yale admission officer Mr. Richardson!

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  1. Yueming,

    Great photos.

    No matter how they might treat you, New Yorkers need our tourist dollars. It's literally billions per year that come into their economy.