Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Time Warp!

It's really wierd, I feel like time is flying and moving at a snail's pace at the same time. It feels like I've been here (at the University) for two weeks already but then it feels like I just got here and I can't believe two days have passed. 

My class is really difficult -- very research intensive and immersive so I definitely agree with the teacher that we'll be experts on our various topics by the course's end. Yes the class is hard but I'm sure it will be fun when we get to the discussion portion. 

For now we're just learning about how the libraries work, we won't start that until Thursday. I set up my consultation with a research librarian and am excited to start uncovering history. 

On a different note, I just had my first laundry emergency today when I mixed dark and light clothes; but not to worry, I spoke with my mother and she said the stains will come right out. Since I'm trying not to get upset, I'm choosing to believe this and will worry about the results of my second attempt when it happens. 

TTYL guys!

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  1. Beulah,

    I could have sworn that I sent you all an email with laundry tips. I recall specifically warning about mixing whites and colors. Does nobody listen to me? Do we have to reinvent the wheel every time?

    Oh well...hope the damage to your clothes wasn't too bad. If your mother has some secrets about getting those stains out, please pass it along. I know I have a pile of clothes that can make use of those tips.