Friday, June 25, 2010

From El Cerrito to New York in Less Than a Day

It’s hard to believe that I’m actually in New York City at the moment. As early as this morning I was over a thousand miles away back in California and now I’m lodged in a beautiful hotel in the middle of the city.

We embarked from El Cerrito High at roughly 6:30 in the morning for Oakland airport where the storms that had stranded our colleagues in the Cornell program only briefly delayed our flight.

Upon our arrival we rushed off to our hotel to prepare for a dinner at Keen’s Steakhouse, a rustic little establishment founded in the 19th century and decorated with all manner of pipes. Dinner was delicious. In my case it featured a giant roasted lamb chop served with mint jelly and finished with crème brûlée.

On the way back to the hotel we took a walk through Times Square, which surprisingly crowed at twelve o’clock at night. It was great to get a taste of the city and what is to come on our journey.

My thanks go out to all the people at the ILC who’ve made this possible. Now I’m going to get some sleep to prepare for a day of college tours.


  1. Sounds like a great time!

    I'm impressed that everyone was able to post
    last night, given the very long day. Must be
    from running on adrenaline.

    Did anyone notice many car horns in NYC? That's
    one of my memories. Kind of like the vuvuzelas
    of the World Cup, they seemed like a constant
    background noise to remind you of the celebration
    of the city :-)

  2. Michael,

    You're seeing the part of town that the NYC Tourist Bureau wants you to see: the fancy restaurants and the beauty of Times Square at midnight.
    Call it hokey but I'm envious. I;d love to see Times Square in all its glory and that lamb chop sounds pretty good, too.