Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tours and Goodbyes

If I thought that under the vastness of New York from the Empire State Building, I was wrong. Viewing things from that high up messes with your perception. There’s a limit to how much our brains can handle. For example, if you see a building from the observation deck, it is just that: a building no different from any of the other thousand. But when you get down on the ground you realize that the building is full of thousands of people and it has several restaurants, markets, and is utterly unique compared to all of its surrounding buildings, which are also unique in and of themselves! So while yesterday, we saw New York from afar, today, on the Greyhound tour bus we traveled around the island and got a closer glimpse of things. What it has really shown me is that there are so, so many things to explore.

Tonight, we said our farewells to Mrs. Kronenberg, who, during her time with us, has been a wonderful chaperone. After her final dinner with us at Bar Americain, she prepared us for our meeting with the Yale admissions officer.

After every day, there's just more and more to look forward to. Next up: Columbia dorms!


  1. Jamie,

    One of the wonderful things about seeing the world from an observation deck is that it allows you to disassociate from the real world. Then you go back to the streets and see the world as it really is--up close and personal--and it doesn't always look so wonderful any more.

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