Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Day of Touring in the City

Today began rather hectically as the three of us that share a room awoke to find that we had all overslept and had to rush to the lobby immediately with almost no time for preparation. Thankfully, the rest of our day was much more relaxed. We had a nice breakfast at a diner which stands adjacent to our hotel, and then set off for a day of touring.

We began by walking to Central Park from where the tour buses we intended to take set off from. These double deckered buses allowed us to see a large tract of Manhattan, at the slight cost of consistent sun exposure. As we drove through the city I was impressed by the sheer quantity of things to do, especially given that we had only seen one borough.

After a few hours and countless skyscrapers we returned to Central Park where we had a light snack at the Plaza Hotel, an establishment that which now includes stores and condos in addition to actually being a hotel.

From there we headed back to our hotel to prepare for dinner at Bar Americain. The meal was excellent despite the fact that the air conditioner had failed; I had duck with wild rice.

Tomorrow we move into the dorms, it’s exciting to imagine what it will be like. I’d like to especially thank Ms. Kronenberg for her assistance as we said goodbye to her tonight.

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  1. Michael,

    Please tell me that with three of the brightest students our District has to offer, at least one of you knows how to set an alarm clock. This can be a very long trip otherwise. Maybe it's just because I'm more experienced but when I see three roomies I expect to see at least three alarm clocks. Just a thought.