Thursday, June 24, 2010

First day in NYC!

I’ll skip the boring parts of the day like waking up at 5:30 to meet everyone at ECHS at 6:30 and the numerous flight delays; lets get to the juicy stuff.

After we landed at JFK we felt an immediate difference: it’s so much warmer here! When we left the Bay Area it was foggy and cold but when we got here it was uncomfortably hot.

We rushed to the hotel to check-in and change before walking and taking the Subway to Keen’s Steakhouse. Thus began our first time getting lost in New York. We had a map but were puzzled as to where we were supposed to go after getting off the train. Eventually we made it and enjoyed a delicious meal (I had the prime rib). Kudos to Mr. Ramsey for choosing such a great restaurant.

After eating we strolled down Times Square and it was even better than I had expected. Lights were everywhere; it felt like we were indoors! As we continued walking we saw more and more amusing things. It was nearly 12 in the morning EST and people were out and about in Times Square; nearly all of the stores were open. We were shocked at the culture and coolness of the people.

Following such a long day, it’s nice to be back at our beautiful suite at Hotel Beacon to catch some ZZZs. Tomorrow: Bard, Vassar and Oceana Restaurant!

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  1. Michelle:

    So that's all I am to you, huh? The boring part? The part at ECHS? Don't think I won't remember this.

    You sing the praises of Mr. Ramsey for finding a nice restaurant for you but when it comes to making sure you all get to the airport without any hassles, making sure you have laptop security cables and Ethernet cables (from my own stash) and making sure you look really good in the group photo, then that's just the boring part?

    And don't forget which one of us was there an hour before you arrived and which one showed up just as you were loading onto the shuttle. Okay, Mr. Ramsey was with the Cornell kids that morning but had he been your escort he would have shown up at the last minute,

    You cut me to the quick, Michelle.