Sunday, June 27, 2010

First Full Day of New York

I’d like to apologize for the tardiness of this post; I started writing the post rather late last night and the internet cutoff due to the fact that we can only purchase it in twenty four hour intervals of time.

Today we got up at five so that we could take a train to visit Bard. Unfortunately, the train we intended to take left significantly earlier than expected so we were left with a four hour void to fill until the train for Poughkeepsie left. We decided that we would go to the Empire State Building with our spare time. The 86th floor offered sweeping views of the island that even my fear of heights could not detract from.
Our subsequent visit Vassar stood in stark contrast to the urban sprawl we observed in the city. After a pleasant train ride along the shores of the Hudson we arrived in the town of Poughkeepsie which houses Vassar. The college has a very rural feeling to it; the entirety of the campus is blanketed in green. We stayed for an information session and tour after which we returned to the city. We dined at Oceana, a fine seafood restaurant where I had a swordfish steak and sea snails. The meal was again delicious and a fine end to our first full day in New York. 

I'm definitely looking forward to the beginning of the chemistry course and all that it entails. My thanks to everyone who’s helped to make the ILC possible.