Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Orientation AKA Initiation

Yesterday was the ILC orientation for all of us leaving in a few weeks. We talked a lot about the expectations of ILC students; I think it's important that since we have this unique opportunity we also hold ourself to higher standards. We went into breakout sessions with our groups and talked about what we were going to do on our trip and we asked questions. Our group talked a lot about communication while we're in New York, what kind of activities we can get into and what things we should pack.

Orientation seemed like the official initiation into the program. This is the last meeting we have until we leave. I am extremely excited about leaving to New York now; I can't believe we're leaving in just a few weeks!


  1. Michelle,

    Initially some of our ILC students and/or their parents thought this was just another event they were forced to attend. From the comments we've heard both in the blogs, in emails and in person, though, it seems that our group is seeing the value in meeting to discuss things ranging from as important as what time to arrive for the shuttle to as simple as whether they'll need to bring an umbrella.

    When you go down the street to your friend's house if you forget something you can always go back home to grab it but when you're away in a foreign land like New York City, what are you going to do when you find out that you forgot your laptop charger? What are you going to do when you freeze to death because you neglected to check the weather forecasts and forgot your jacket at home?

    As with most things in life, trips like these are successful when you remember the simple things. And as much as we like to think we're organized, it never hurts to have someone looking over your should asking the "stupid" questions.

    Another benefit of this orientation is that for many of the parents this was their first opportunity to meet the students that will be joining you and to meet their parents as well--both good things.

    We have a great group this year, Michelle, and I envy you all the adventure that awaits you.

  2. Dude your so right, everything feels official now and I'm sooo juiced. :-D