Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Amazing Show: July 7, 2010

Last night I went to an unbelievably amazing concert. The venue was pretty small and it was standing room only so you know I got a good spot with a great view!

The opener was Alpha Rev, a relatively new band I’d never really heard of. They had good music though, totally digging it. I recommend their song "Phoenix Burn".

As a surprise, Sara Bareilles came out with her band and played a few songs. I'm such a fan! She was awesome!

Then, OneRepublic: I can’t say enough about them. I was afraid that they’d be mediocre performers at best; boy was I wrong! They came out with energy and umph. Great show. Probably the best I’ve seen in recent memory. So worth the $42.

I'm glad that though I'm working really hard in my class reading and writing my paper, I can still find time to enjoy what New York has to offer. Time to hit the books and finish the rough draft of my paper!

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  1. Michelle,

    What a coincidence! These are the exact bands I've been wanting to see--NOT!

    You had to expect that, didn't you? After all, I'm an oldie and, well, you're not. Oh, the days when concerts at the Berkeley Little Theater set me back $2.50 with a 35¢ surcharge for the ticket agency.