Friday, July 16, 2010

So Long New York!

I fully agree with what Yueming wrote about "New York Minutes". Though they pass by much faster, somehow, more stuff fits into them! It's really hard to imagine that we'll be in California and not in New York later today (it is technically morning)! If not for the cramming of all my belongings into an oversized bag, I'm not sure if I'd really believe that we're saying goodbye!

Today, we all gave our presentations. While our group's presentation wasn't bad, I'd like to note that Michael and his group did a terrific job. If he reads what I said and tries to convince you other wise, it's just him being modest. It was really sad to say farewell to our professor, Luis Avila, and our TAs, who were outstanding in many ways and who every day helped us work through a series of lab activities. I especially loved having our TA, Joshua, who was really helpful and just a cool guy all around.

After class, I ate lunch with some friends from class (I'll be looking for them tomorrow) and then took off to the Museum of Modern Art during Free Friday!

You were cool in ways beyond sharing my brother's name!
I never considered myself to be an art lover (especially modern art,) but the museum just has so much to offer. Previously, when I thought of the phrase "Modern Art", I thought of utterly cryptic, unappealing, and pretentious art that was somehow worth thousands of dollars. I was sure that I'd be proven wrong, and I was! I especially enjoyed the furniture designs and photography.

is really is more beautiful in person
After getting back from the museum, I took a nap and slept right through the final dance! The doors had already closed by the time I got up!

There's so much that happened over the past three weeks that I just can't capture the cumulative experience of coming here. Since becoming involved with the Ivy League Connection, I feel infinetly more prepared for college and I have a much better idea of what schools I want to go to. I'm looking forward to seeing familiar places and faces!

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  1. Jamie,

    I’m not sure I’ve ever run across so many young people who oversleep as much as you all do or take as many naps. It’s bewildering. Even Yueming wrote again about napping.

    That painting in your blog, hasn’t that painting been stolen like a half million times in the movies and on TV? That’s probably made it even more famous than it was just for being a cool painting. The Starry Night—painted while he looked out of his room while in an insane asylum—made van Gogh virtually nothing but is now worth a gazillion dollars. It was even referenced in a song written and performed back in my day (half way between when van Gogh was around and when you came into being). [Starry Starry Night by Don McLean]