Thursday, July 8, 2010

Boy Am I Tired!

It's been a long day!

Got some serious work done in the library today, went out to an AMAZING lunch at Dinosaur Barbeque in Harlem, had a few interesting subway experiences, a very quiet dinner, and FIVE HOURS OF RELAXATION TIME with my fab suitemates [a couple of great movies and some really interesting magazine articles and hour feelings about them]. I'm really tired but the day literally felt like it flew by.

In class today we had a very interesting discussion where I got to share my piece about Richard Nixon, a very interesting character, and learned quite a bit about some other Presidents and their various relationships with the media. Can't wait for the guest speaker tomorrow.

I'll keep you guys posted on how awesome I'm sure tomorrow will be :-)


  1. Beulah,

    Once again it sounds like you enjoyed your day at Columbia.

    Maybe you can tell us about the serious work you got done in the library and what made the lunch AMAZING. And what were those subway experiences you wrote of?

    Can you tell us a little about what was in your piece about Nixon? Some of us lived through his time and have our own opinions and recollections and would love to read some new perspectives--especially from someone who knows him only from what they're read or a few Hollywood biopics.

  2. Well, the dinosaur barbecue is perhaps the best I've tasted outside of my Uncle Johnny's and their fried green tomatoes are superb. I had to get on four trains on the subway since they kept passing my stop. Finally, Nixon was a very complex dude and I'm exploring the Watergate scandal in the context of his presidency, and what that means to the modern presidency :-)