Saturday, July 10, 2010

Not so sunny in Philadelphia

Today was a pretty relaxed day. By now, we've gotten accustomed to waking up early and going places. This time, the "place" was University of Pennsylvania! I had a sense of deja vu when I slept both on the way there and back. The tour of the campus was dampened by pouring rain (pun definitely intended) but gave us an opportunity to walk around the beautiful campus nonetheless. While I did not prepare for the rain and forgot to bring an umbrella, Winston was kind enough to lend me his. On top of that, flip-flops turned out to be a lucky choice of footwear after we stepped in a puddle going past our ankles!

What I really enjoyed though, was meeting the UPenn students! We went out for a delicious and filling lunch of cheesesteak while watching the world cup and talking about their college experiences. I got a very positive impression of UPenn! I felt very much at home while walking through the relatively peaceful streets of Philadelphia near the campus. One of the students, Carlin, just graduated as a graphic designer from Penn and is starting work with Bloomberg! He gave all of us his business card which directed us to his beautifully constructed and decorated site. It's no wonder he was hired to work on GUI among other things. ( for those who are interested)

I'm excited about visiting one of the worlds most prestigious schools in the world. Tomorrow, we're heading to Yale! Hopefully if I get some sleep tonight, I'll be able to appreciate the scenery in at least one direction!

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  1. Jamie,

    Rain has its place but when you've traveled a great distance to see something, couldn't the rain have held off a bit at least until you got back on the train?

    At least you didn't wear out your umbrella with overuse.

    By the way, I checked out Carlin's web page--nice stuff.