Monday, July 12, 2010

Another Busy Day!

Today was another day of work! First of all, in class today Mrs. Z went over many famous Supreme Court cases which all helped define the role of the American President, and how those roles expanded and changed over time, especially with regard to wartime powers. Since this was related to the thesis of my paper, it was really interesting to me and helped me add some points into my paper. It's too bad that she really had to rush going over the cases due to the fact that we were behind our schedule because there's so much to go over. We also got the first draft of our paper back today also, and Mrs. Z's critiques were very helpful! She pointed out several flaws in construction that I didn't notice, and corrected some formatting errors for me!

Lunch was pretty normal again today: eat, work and sleep! In the afternoon session, I worked more on my paper and researched more using the tips provided by Mrs. Z.

At night, my RA, Kyle, was going to take us to a burger joint as a group thing, but since he had a meeting, we were going to leave at 8 o'clock. However, his meeting ended up running late, and now we're going to eat as a group on Thursday. I went to get pizza for dinner from Familigia, a chain of fairly cheap pizza stores around New York. It was really good, and I didn't mind having outside food for dinner for once other than the cafeteria food!

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  1. Winston,

    I can imagine there are a few classes that seem to drag on because the subject matter is stretched to cover the length of the class.

    In a class like yours, though, there's so much to be crammed into such a short class that you don't get the opportunities to go into the depth on each subject like you'd like. You may not even have the time to take all of the questions that may pop up for fear of not having the time to cover all of the material.

    Considering the subject matter of your course, that would have to be a major bummer for you all.