Monday, July 5, 2010

A New York Fourth of July

Today I got up at around nine to go to the beach on Long Island. Unfortunately I was feeling a little dazed from being woken by my alarm clock and thus stupidly forgot to bring my room keys with me. Because most people on my floor were at the beach and I was only partially clothed I had to wait until eleven to regain access to my room. This left me unable to go to the beach with the group so I just walked around the area surrounding campus for the better part of two hours.

Later in the day I had dinner with Jamie and Evan, a member of the chemistry class. After dinner we went to Riverside Park to view the fireworks. After a lot of running around we were finally able to find a good place from which to view the fireworks. The show itself was very impressive; the explosions were appropriately large and colorful and some of the fire works even resembled faces or cubes. Tomorrow is considered a holiday for us so there will be no class and I'm considering going to one of the many museums in the city.

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  1. Michael,

    You scare me sometimes. Is there something wrong with the Chem group or is it the entire Columbia group? Oversleeping, ignoring alarms, losing wallets, losing cameras, locking yourselves out of your room? We have to work on this whole responsibility thing before you return to West County. We can't afford for you all to come back and maybe infect the rest of our community. As broke as we all I don't know where we'll find the resources to discover the cure.