Sunday, July 11, 2010

Discovering Yale

Today we woke up and assembled around 8:30 to head down to Penn Station in order to get to Yale University. Things went fairly smoothly until we got to New Haven, Connecticut. (On a side note, I can officially add Pennsylvania and Connecticut as well as New Jersey to the list of states I've been to!) 

After arriving, we started to walk towards Yale University, and stopped briefly at a family-friendly vegetarian restaurant to get brunch. And yes, we were all starving by then! The food was really great and everything seemed at least a bit healthier than other restaurants. Soon after that, we continued to walk towards the Visitor Center. After getting lost for a little while, we finally learned that the Visitor Center was not open today. We were all very disappointed, but nonetheless, we were able to walk around campus and see some of the buildings. Here are some photos:
And because we had some extra time, we decided to go explore the Peabody Museum! It was a lot of fun!
Although I dozed in and out on the way to New Haven, I was awake for the most part on the train ride back to New York. I couldn't help but realize how beautiful the areas we passed by are. Because of the motion of the train, I couldn't take clear pictures so I snapped a few quick video clips. Sadly, these videos still severely undermine the landscape, but I hope you will enjoy these! It's refreshing to know there's still quite a bit of green left somewhere in this world!

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  1. Yueming,

    Watching those videos it looked just like what you'd think the midwest or northeast might look like from a train.

    We don't utilize trains all that much here so, for the most part, it's foreign to us. Thanks for sharing.