Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Hot Day With a Special Suprise

Today in chemistry we titrated an aspirin using the sodium hydroxide solution that we standardized yesterday. Although we needed to use the computerized pH detectors to graph the titration curves the software ran much more smoothly than it has in the past and we didn’t spend over three hours trying to calibrate a single sensor.

After the lab was lunch and today happened to be Beulah’s birthday so we tried to do something for her. Yueming and Michelle successfully conspired to get a cake this morning so we all surprised Beulah with it. My impression is that she enjoyed the surprise (or if she knew all along she didn't say) and I wish her a happy birthday.

After Lunch we received a lecture by professor Ruben Gonzalez who’s work focuses on recording the mechanics that ribosomes use to receive information and produce proteins. Professor Gonzalez is a biochemist and after hearing lectures almost exclusively from organic and inorganic chemists it was interesting to get a different perspective on the subject.

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  1. Michael,

    Titrations aside, because we all know how fun and intresting those can be, I'm glad you all helped Beulah celebrate her birthday.