Friday, July 9, 2010

Balloons, Gum Balls, and Marketing

Hello everyone! It's Friday! 

For many other students involved in the high school program at Columbia, Friday marks the last day in the week before a completely liberated weekend. For me, however, Friday afternoons at Columbia roughly translate to crunch time and deadlines. I realized that, no matter how much time I had on hand to finish the paper, I was going to push it until the last minute. This means, more time equals more fixing and less time equals more rushing. Overall, I'm satisfied with my draft that I turned in. I focused more on content and I believe I covered everything besides the last section on Nixon and Obama with all the information that I had gathered throughout the course. I do, however, need to spend some time to catch up on footnotes and bibliographies.

And now... to talk a bit about the exciting stuff. This morning, we had another guest speaker named Samy who had graduated from Columbia with a major in political science just a year ago. He was a really interesting speaker. After graduating with a degree in poli-sci, he went directly to go work for Now that he's had the job for about a year, he is ready for the next step in life -- take the LSAT for law school in the upcoming months!

Today, we had a discussion/seminar about marketing and the various impacts and impacts of merchandising. What's more, Samy also incorporated some information here and there about his college experience and treated us to balloons, cookies, gum balls, and Youtube clips! You can definitely say that Samy knows how to command teens' attention. It was, overall, another fun morning!

The highlight of the day, however, was not the essay (lo and behold!) or the guess speaker, only because PHANTOM OF THE OPERA was way more awesome! I think that it is now officially tied with Wicked as my favorite Broadway productions. It even beat Rent on my list! It was my first time watching anything related to the Phantom of the Opera and I dare say, it won't be the last!

Anyways, it is quite late and we are off to an awfully early start tomorrow to go visist UPenn. Time for bed, hasta manana!

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  1. Yueming,

    My kinda gal--pry her with gum balls, balloons and some YouTube clips and she's yours for the taking.

    Better than having to fork over $40 for a 22 year old Broadway play! [Sorry, I know it's a great play and you enjoyed the heck out if it so I shouldn't bad mouth it. I'm just not a stage play kind of guy. The same goes for paintings. I like photographs and I like movies.]

    I'm hearing nothing but great things about Samy's presentation. He's taking a strange course towards law school, though. The poli-sci makes sense but then working for a dot com before applying to law school seems like a distraction. You'd think he'd try to land a job using his poli-sci training.

    Of course, in this down economy you take a job where you can find one. At the end of the day you still have to put food on the table.