Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Mother's Perspective

Melissa Arciniega
Now that Matt is beginning to pack up and head for Columbia University, I often find myself reflecting on the past eighteen years. There are so very many incredible memories in this young man's life already and I'm feeling very blessed and thankful for the person Matt has become and the direction his life is taking.

The Ivy League Connection has played a huge role in sending Matt in the direction of Columbia University. His two weeks at Yale last summer gave him the chance to prove to himself and others that he, indeed, can compete among some of the best and the brightest students in the world! 
Often times, students from the WCCUSD are afraid to dream big or don't know how big, big can be. Because of you, Ms. Kronenberg, Mr. Gosney, and the many individuals who run and fund the Ivy League Connection, Matt is about to attend a world-class university in preparation for a career in public policy and politics.
From a very special place in my heart, I thank you and the ILC for showing these kids how big dreams can be.  The world WILL be changed because of your mark on their lives!

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  1. We're blessed with many extraordinary students in the ILC but few of them would be where they are today without the support of their parents.

    Matt is an exceptional student, an exceptional person and comes from an exceptional family.

    As one of the blog administrators I took the liberty of tossing in a few photos of Matt, his mother Melissa and his father Jesus so our devoted readers can share in what this family has.