Saturday, July 3, 2010

"It's Time We MET"

I woke up this morning feeling more refreshed. Perhaps that is why I didn't wake up until a little past 11AM! It was the first day in the more than a week that I had a good, long rest. After waking up, Winston and I went down to take the subway to the famous Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

The Met was a lot of fun! The only downside was that it is too big. Although we spent our entire afternoon there, we were only able to visit about half of the exhibits. 

The art displayed there range from numerous eras like the Golden Age of the Egyptians to Modern Art. 

Around 6, we left the Metropolitan to go take a look at Grand Central Station. There we grabbed a bite and took a quick look around the station before walking down to Times Square to catch the Subway back to campus. And thus concludes our adventure.

One of the highlights of my day was actually an advertisement. Can you guess what type?

As we were walking from the Subway to the MET, we saw 5 planes flying together. The contrails from the planes spelled out words -- a new type of advertisement that I have never seen before! I couldn't help but wonder how much it costs to advertise in this manner! And the message only shows up for a few brief minutes before everything starts dissipating and smearing. Although the cost probably outweighs the benefits, it was definitely an awesome commercial!


  1. Yueming,

    I'm glad you weren't here to see me snickering at your blog about the skywriting. As the old saying goes: everything old is new again.

    Skywriting has been around for a gazillion years but nobody does it anymore. Maybe that's why you thought it was something new. Oh, you youngsters who know so little about the way things used to be.

    You're right, though, about the cost to benefit ratio. When you had wide open skies your message might be seen by a lot of people but today the skies aren't always as open and visible as they once were.

    And when the skies are calm the message might stay around for a bit but, as you mentioned, this message was there but for a brief time.

    You've set the stage and now you have to deliver: what was the message?

  2. Wow! The day before I saw the same group you did singing on the subway and I also saw the skywriters as I walked to the Gugenheim.