Thursday, July 15, 2010

Moving Right Along...

This is the last blog that will be truncated due to need to do work, as our 20 page papers are due tomorrow!

Today, we had another guest speaker, Christopher Riano, who is, to say the very least, an amazing person. Not only was he an engaging and entertaining speaker, his life story and background is astounding. He's done so much, I don't even remember half of what he's done in life so far! Anyways, while his presentation wasn't very related to Presidential Powers either, he did give each of us an opportunity to tell him about our topic, and he would add his two bits on what he thought about each topic, which was pretty interesting. His extensive experience with colleges and universities was also very interesting.

At lunch, I checked out the college fair in Lerner Hall. I saw many well known colleges there, as well as some which I'd never heard of before, but still piqued my interest. I was able to speak to many representatives from lots of different schools, and got lots of brochures and other materials.

Once again, I worked through the afternoon session, and at night, went out with my RA and other people to the Shake Shack, a well known chain on the East Coast for burgers. It was really good, and the burgers were heart-attack inducing as well. The shakes and ice cream they served was also spectacular, as well as setting me off on a good start towards diabetes. I'll upload some pictures tomorrow, but for now, I have to finish my paper. Good night!

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  1. Winston,

    All of you are doing a great job in relaying to us your studious habits. All of your blogs are shortened so you can get back to your papers and Yueming even reports her guilty feelings about partying away the night instead of working on her paper. Kudos to you all for setting the right example.

    It’s unanimous now with all fours of our PP students gushing over Chris Riano. He must be one heck of a guy.

    This is also just one of many blogs that has mentioned the Shake Shack. I checked it out on the Internet and found these two links that may help your readers know what you all are writing about. While we can’t enjoy the flavor of the burger stand or the flavor of their products, at least we can become better informed about them.