Monday, July 5, 2010

It's a Day Off!

Today was a great day to catch up on work after the refreshing weekend! I was able to sleep in, which was fantastic, and I also got to finish some of the required reading for the class! Originally, I planned to go to Wall Street in the afternoon to look around and take some pictures, but as soon as I walked outside of the cool air conditioned dorm, I realized that it was way too hot to take a stroll, let alone go to Wall Street. Instead, I went across the street to the drugstore (Morton Williams, I believe) to stock up on lots of water and some snacks, and went back to my dorm to work on my classwork! To be honest, pretty much nothing other than resting and homework happened today, except for a fifteen minute break where I hung out with other students from my floor.

I'm really glad that my RA and the other people on my floor are really casual and relaxed, unlike some other RA's on other floors I've heard about that are almost military in their control over their students. Of course, the casual nature on our floor means there is much less order, and as a result, there is various debris and trash floating around the hallways, and the bathrooms look like they've been hit by a hurricane. On the brighter side, I think this is probably a better representation of college dorm life, as it is mainly up to the students to keep things under control until things get out of control. This three day weekend has been great and really fun, but after all of that, I'm itching to get back to class! I can't wait to see what we'll learn tomorrow in class!

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  1. Winston,

    Reading the title to this blog I was worried that in spite of the heavy workload that you might actually take a day off.

    Thank goodness I read the blog, though, and learned that you took this time to catch on the required reading.

    The time for 'days off' is when you return home. In the mean time, it's work, work, work until the course is finished. Sorry to put it that way but it's true. If you want to skate through college you can easily do so but do so at the local JC and not at the extremely prestigious and expensive school.

    I have to think there needs to something of a balance between the drill sergeant RA you mentioned from the other floor and the totally cool and relaxed RA on your own floor. Absent a maid to come in and clean up, the residents of the floor need to police themselves. This is where an RA steps in and actually assigns cleanup duties to each person on a rotating basis.

    Surprisingly, when cleanup has been assigned like this, your floor mates tend to rat on each other more often and confront the pigs. The end result is that there's less cleanup.