Saturday, July 3, 2010

First Saturday On Our Own

Low Memorial Library
Today was our first Saturday alone at Columbia. How exciting! Beulah, our suite mate and I woke up at 5 AM (again) to go to Central Park to get tickets for Shakespeare in the Park featuring Al Pacino. We were really excited but still tired. By the time we got to the line, it was wrapped around much of the park. We were told that we had no chance whatsoever of getting the free tickets. BUMMER! Even though we didn't get to see the show, I'm happy that people in New York are taking advantage of this incredible opportunity.

We spent the rest of the day moping around the city and shopping in SOHO. Talk about retail therapy! After that we made our way back to campus and took advantage of the peace in our suite. I'm so grateful for this weekend!

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  1. Michelle,

    Weren't you kind of hoping that some of those native New Yawkers would see that you were obviously tourists and let you take their places at the beginning of the line? No? Oh, well...

    Sorry you couldn't have seen the show--that would have been something.