Saturday, July 10, 2010


Hola everyone! 

Today was our day to visit the fabulous University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia! Before going, I was really excited because I liked the school a lot from all that I have heard from friends. Also, I was lucky enough to reach June Chu, who is the director of Pan-Asian American Community House at UPENN, and with her guidance, I was given the chance to set up a casual meet-and-talk with some of the current students. The only bad thing was that I set high expectations for the tour. Unfortunately, the weather was not on our side today! It was raining when we arrived and continued to rain throughout the walking tour. Like Ms. Sue Kim had told me, like it or not, rain does affect the way we see a school when we visit. Although I tried not to let that get into the way of my views, I have to admit that it did have some impact. However, talking to four rising-seniors at UPENN made me like the school a lot more than the tour!

Overall, I think it was a great experience and despite the yucky weather, I still do regard UPENN as a wonderful school. I'm looking forward to the Yale tour tomorrow!

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  1. Yueming,

    You can't tell from the photos that the weather gods were against you and the darkened skies actually make the photos look a little better (no shadows). Still, blue skies would have made the trip better.