Thursday, July 15, 2010

Do You Feel inspired??


Our guest speaker today, Chris Riano, was absolutely amazing!! Have you ever heard of an almost engineer, one-time high fashion model, Maryland Supreme Court Law Clerk? Probably not but that's what Mr. Riano was and he was totally fantastic! After listening to him speak, I know exactly what I want to be like--unassuming, charismatic, crazy-intelligent, SUPER-nice, and really fun. just like him. It was impossible to leave his presentation which was really mainly about us-the college process, our 20 page papers, what we want to do-without feeling inspired! From now on, I'm going to ask myself WWCRD? [What Would Chris Riano Do?] all day long :-D

On a different but just as positive note, I finished my 20 page paper and feel like a boulder has been lifted off my shoulders. I feel fantastic and I'm so proud of myself because I didn't even let procrastination be an option, I shoveled out quality writing in a very timely matter and I know my paper is awesome because of it. I finished at 6 o'clock today and now I'm going to get back to vegging out on reality TV because I totally deserve it. GO BEULAH :-D 

It's so much better to get my work done on time because then I can actually enjoy my down time. I really think Procrastinating Beulah is no more :-) and I can't believe this experience is just about over. This is totally surreal.

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  1. Beulah,

    I’m impressed! You spoke so highly of Chris Riano without once gushing over his drop dead good looks.

    At Michelle’s suggestion I Googled him on both the web and in the photo sections. I can see why some people might want him showing off their wares.

    Just a correction, though, he doesn’t start his clerking until August of this year. [ ]
    By the way, if you go to this link, can you find the typo? There was even an article in today’s online news stories [ ] that described how that can be a deal breaker for many HR staffers reading job interviews.
    When you return, we may need to do some simple tests to see if it’s really you that returned or whether Procrastinating Beulah snuck on the plane in your sted.