Sunday, July 4, 2010

One Very Lazy Saturday

Today was a fairly lazy day for me. I missed my alarm and overslept for a long time, finally getting up at up at around two. I had mixed feelings on this turn of events, on the one hand this caused me to miss a trip to the natural history museum, but it also allowed me to make up sleep. 

After finally getting up I went walking around the area surrounding campus and had lunch at a local pizza restaurant. After two or three hours of walking I returned to the dorm where I watched TV and talked with some fellow chemistry students. We then went out to get coffee. 

Tomorrow a large group of students is going to the beach; I think I’ll go with them.

1 comment:

  1. Michael,

    Have you awakened yet?

    I don't hardly have any idea what to say about this blog. Perhaps in future years we may offer a class for our ILC students on setting alarms clocks and actually getting up when they go off.

    There are plenty of reasons to sleep in, Michael, and I've taken upper division courses in the subject but my feeling is that while you're sleeping in this means it's taking you away from precious time you could be devoting to snapping photos to post on the blog.

    How are we going to remedy this, Michael?