Monday, July 5, 2010

Day Three of a Three Day Weekend

I awoke this morning after having slept for a refreshing total of ten hours. After showering I spent some of time reading for one of my AP summer assignments. The in question book is entitled Native Speaker; I’m about seventy five percent through it and enjoying it as it feels both deeper and more engaging than other novels we’ve read in English. 

Eventually I made my way out of the dorm to meet with Ms. Ishmael and the other ILC members and from what I gathered they had a nice Fourth of July weekend which was improved by the fact that they had just finished a big part of their assignment on Friday. 

After the meeting some of us had dinner together since we were back to eating at the dining hall after its weekend long hiatus.

After dinner I went to my room where I watched some episodes of Doctor Who with Evan and Jaime. We then decided to go out to one of the local Starbucks (and I say “one of” because there are two within only three blocks of each other) to do our chemistry work. Although we did discuss plenty of chemistry, the areas of chemistry we discussed began to veer away from the lab until we eventually ended up explaining the basics of derivatives to Evan. While calculus is certainly a valid line of inquiry it doesn’t get my lab notes finished so I still have some homework left. 

On the way back to the dorms we grabbed some food from a corner pizzeria which serves really delicious slices consisting of fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil. I intended on going to bed soon to reestablish a weekday sleep schedule, although in retrospect I probably shouldn’t have gotten a large iced coffee at nine thirty at night because I’m feeling really hyper at the moment. Goodnight for now.


  1. Michael,

    I know you're still recovering from your illness but you seem to sleep more than just about anyone I know. As worn out as I usually am, I don't think I could actually sleep that many hours all in one day.

    I'm also still having trouble with this idea of heading out to the local Starbucks for a social outing. You'll have to explain that to me some day. I might understand it if you went there to scope out the young ladies but to discuss chemistry and derivatives? That's sick, Michael, just plain sick.

  2. Is Evan your dorm mate or Jamie's?