Monday, July 5, 2010


Howdy everyone! Hope everyone had a great time yesterday! Finally a day when I did literally nothing. It felt so good having a catch-up day, even though I miraculously woke up at 8 AM without even the help of an alarm clock. I read sporadically throughout the day, trying to entertain myself with the readings we needed to finish by tomorrow morning. And in between readings, I did my laundry, napped, and talked to some suite mates.

At first, I wanted to go somewhere for a whole day. I realized that today would be my last entirely free day, since from here on we either have class or college tours. I ... was a bit too ambitious. Turns out, my body really needed a day of not walking 5+ miles under the blazing sun. I suppose I was productive, in terms of catching up on sleep and resting. Hopefully this means I'll have an even better time for the rest of this week!

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  1. Yueming,

    Every now and again our bodies tell us that we nEed to take a break and do just what your blog title suggests: REJUVENATE. I'm glad you were able to play catch-up.

    I'm even happier, Yueming, to read that at least one of you took this three day weekend to catch up on your studies. We want you to have fun but after reading the collective woes about how much reading you all had, it's nice to read that at least one of you took advantage of this day away from class to actually get ahead. I'm sure the others all read their books, too but just failed to write about it in their blogs. :-)