Monday, July 12, 2010

Our Last Monday?!

Our last Monday! Early this morning Beulah, Yueming and I got together for breakfast to go over the many articles, Supreme Court decisions and resolutions we were assigned to read. Last night we divided them and today we shared and discussed. I think one of the best things we have in college, or anywhere really, is other people. There was so much to read and dividing it made it so much easier!

So today in class we went over these various items that all dealt with Presidential powers beginning with Lincoln and the Merriman case to the Iraq Resolution. Dr. Z spoke at length about each and how they set the precedent for future Presidents. These are probably the most important documents pertaining to the expansion of Presidential powers so I’m glad we went in depth with them.

After dinner Yueming, another friend and I went to the NBA Store where I've been wanting to go before I even arrived. I was not disappointed! I’m a huge basketball fan so being around all of the merchandise was like heaven. I had to stop myself from going crazy so I ended up only buying one shirt.

It’s really insane that we’re leaving soon. I have to finish my paper, visit more museums and seal the bonds I’ve made with others in less than a week! My oh my!


  1. Michelle,

    Looks like what they say about NYC is true: you can find just about anything and everything there.

    I'm glad that you're seeing the value of study groups in college. Even in high school they can be pretty useful but in college they throw so much at you so fast that without a plan and a little help you can quickly become overwhelmed.

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