Saturday, July 3, 2010

Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining :-)

Sorry guys,

I wrote this beautiful account of my day 3 HOURS AGO and for some reason it didn't post. Whatever. So...

Today started off pretty bad: woke up at 5 AM (2nd day in a row), waited around like 30-45 minutes, tramped around Central only to find out there was no chance of us getting tickets to see Al Pacino in the Merchant of Venice.

So then I was hoping for a hearty breakfast to give me some energy but the waffle I ordered was teeny-tiny!

Things then began to pick up. My waffle turned out to be delicious and rather filling, we saw Eclipse for only 6 dollars, then we went shopping in SoHo where I spent waayyy to much money but had a blast. I did have another laundry emergency, but it was solved so no harm no foul, and we had a lovely dinner-in :-)

I'm exhausted so I'll check y'all later :-D


  1. Beulah,

    That's too bad about not being able to secure tickets to the show. I've been reading about this in some of the other blogs.

    Personally, I think that maybe it's some sort of East Coast/West Coast thing where the New Yorkers are sticking it to the Californians just because they can.