Sunday, July 11, 2010

Exploring Yale

This morning we took a train from Penn Station to New Haven, Connecticut to visit Yale University. After arriving at the station we decided to walk to campus since we were fairly close. Along the way we had lunch/breakfast at a nice vegetarian café that would have fit perfectly back in Berkeley. Upon reaching campus we went for a self guided tour.

The campus is fairly expansive and is vastly less urban than Penn and Columbia; of the colleges we've seen on this trip it resembles Vassar the most. While exploring the University we briefly stopped by Yale’s own natural history museum, the Peabody Museum. It was an interesting place but the exhibit featuring live video feed of a colony of very large ants left me feeling rather uncomfortable. On the train ride back I was able to get some sleep and heard the results of the World Cup. I got dinner with Winston and Jamie at a street vendor after walking around the Times Square area upon our return. I intended on doing some research on my chemistry project as soon as I'm finished with this post.

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  1. MIchael,

    Sorry the tour didn't work out but at least you got to see Yale and had a healthy meal.

    And, of course, we're pleased to read that the reason you're breaking away from the blog is so you can do some more studying. Well handled, Michael.