Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Chemistry Project Lift Off!

Again, not a whole lot to say about today. I managed to wake up early enough to shower and grab breakfast, which was nice. As Michael stated in his blog post, we're working on our group projects. My group was assigned the task of building a fuel cell. We found some instructions and after researching the theory behind the cell, we were given the okay to start making it! 

Today has been pretty relaxed. I did some research, played ping pong, and visited Soho.

Anyways, I'm planning on catching the Blue Man Group at the Astor Place Theater tomorrow! Ever since coming to New York, seeing them has been a hope of mine so here's to fitting it in my schedule!

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  1. Jamie,

    You understand, Jamie, that if you develop a reliable fuel cell that would technically be a work product derivative of your work with the ILC. As such, we would own the copyright. I'm sure you would eligible for some sort of bonus, though. :-)