Sunday, July 4, 2010

Jam Packed!

You would think that because I woke up at 11 my day wouldn't have been very fruitful, but au contraire.  I did quite a lot. 

We had lunch at Ruby Tuesdays which was awesome; went to Forever 21 on Times Square--it was like our 4th time going but each time is amazing; and camped out on Pier 84 for FIVE hours to see a great fireworks show. 

Was it worth 5 hours of waiting? I don't think so, but it was fun. We really went there because we thought we were going to get to see the cast of Eclipse and hear Justin Bieber perform but alas we did not. We did get an awesome spot to see fireworks though. 

I'm sipping on a nice Vanilla Coke before I head off to bed, and I hope all of you the wonderful readers got to enjoy a 4th of July filled with cool beverages, awesome food, and friends and family :-).

I don't have a USB cable of my own, so I'll post some make-up pictures of the past few days soon to catch you guys up :-D

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  1. Beulah,

    Five hours? For that kind of wait I'd hope they'd let you light a fuse or two.

    Back in 1986 we had the 50th anniversary parties for both the Golden Gate and the Bay Bridges with parties that will go down in history.

    I missed the GGB celebration but I went to SF for the Bay Bridge thing.

    They put a barge out in the Bay right at the End of Embarcadero where they had the fireworks. We were right there on the water's edge and we were so close that when the bursts went off it would literally blow our hair back. The concussions could be felt because we were that close. That was just so cool.

    We had some friends that would be right in line with the way some of you have been doing things. They waited until the last minute to head to SF and got stuck on the bridge in traffic. The traffic was bumper to bumper and WAS NOT moving. When they started the fireworks people just got out of their cars, walked to the edge of the bridge and had their own party.

    Because they were all up so high, they were pretty close to the same elevation as where the bursts were going off.

    So, even though my friends should have missed out on everything in its entirety, they ended up with the best seats in the house.