Thursday, July 15, 2010

Want Nothing But Sleep

Oh man, I'd better start packing up! Tomorrow, each group is going to go and present their projects, not only to the class, but also to a couple of the guest speakers who are coming back to listen rather than speak! It really is an honor for these brilliant people to take time from their busy schedules so they can listen to us talk.

Anyways, I went to a couple places that I've been meaning to visit. I returned to the Metropolitan Museum to view the Greek sculptures and modern art design. Unfortunantely, my trip was cut short by an early closing time, meaning I got just over half a hour at the museum. If I return to New York some time in the future, the Met is marked as a top priority, because it truly is an amazing place.

Next, I visited the conservatory garden, and walked back to campus through Central Park. 

Tonight, I went with Michael my lab partner, Mark, to a burger place called "Shake Shack". The food was superb, and I found myself wishing they had a location in Berkeley.


  1. Jamie,

    Sorry about the Met.

    From your photos it appears that your new camera is working okay.

    Ms. Ishmael wrote about the Shake Shack earlier but she seemed to appreciate it for other reasons than the burgers.

  2. Are you referring to the fact that they served wine at a burger joint? I thought that was pretty interesting, but of course, I settled for a glass of ice water.