Friday, July 2, 2010

One Week Down, Two Left

Well, today marks the end of the first week of our course in American Presidential Powers at Home and Abroad: from George Washington to Barack Obama. It wasn't an easy week, what with all of the required reading and research necessary for this course, but it's still been a great week! I've done so much this week that it seems impossible to think that a little over a week ago, I was still home in Pinole, nervously packing my bags.

However, now that I'm here, it's been a really interesting and busy week! Aside from the college visitations and formal dinners and brunches with admissions officers, and aside from the intense workload of the course itself, there's also been several opportunities to visit New York itself that I'll actually be able to take advantage of this July 4th weekend, now that the pressure has been temporarily relieved! I'm really looking forward to visiting museums and galleries to see more of New York's culture.

I'm already sorry that the first week is over, I've been learning so much! I really think that by the time this program is over, I'll be a different person than when I first entered it. Thank you to Mr. Ramsey, Mrs. Kronenberg, Mrs. Ishmael, and everyone else who helped make this possible!

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  1. Winston,

    Without exception, with every single ILC group we've had, they've all come back from their adventures changed people--and most of the time the changes have been for the good.

    I'm sure that Ms. Ishmael, Ms. Kronenberg and Mr. Ramsey are all pleased to have you recognize what they've done for you.